Morning Worship Series – ‘Advent is Hope’

Our Advent worship will focus on themes of Hope in Isaisah’s prophecies – hope through hurt, hope in waiting, hope for God’s New Order to break in and transform our present darkness. Our Hope is grounded in the reality that in Christ, God has, indeed descended from heaven and earth, and by his Spirit continues to dwell among us.

Over the Fall, we focused on the Sacraments of the Christian Worship, and through Advent, we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper each week. Among the discussions our Elders have had on the Lord’s Supper, frequency has been one area of reflection and conversation. We discerned that one meaningful step would be to come to the Lord’s Table for a season together, and the Advent season seemed to fit well.

Just as Advent is about looking back to Christ’s first coming, and also anticipating his Return, so too the Lord’s Supper is done in Remembrance, and also proclaiming “the Lord’s death until he comes again.” It is a small foretaste of the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.

So com to worship and pray, to eat and drink, to celebrate and to be renewed in hope. For Christ has come, and Christ will come again.

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